Jane Freidson is an experienced family law attorney and divorce mediator.  A practicing New York City lawyer since 1979, she has represented clients in divorces and other family law cases throughout the metropolitan area, from Brooklyn to Manhattan, Queens to Westchester.  Her trial savvy is matched by her compassion for clients and her commitment to keeping legal fees at a reasonable level.

As a divorce attorney Jane has seen how easily a family problem can spiral out of control when good people allow their anger and their hurt to rule their choices about how to structure a marital separation or a decision about how to care for their children after divorce.  She has seen families spend their entire savings on lawyers and experts to conduct a battle no one ever truly wins, and she has seen the lasting damage that a bitterly contested divorce wreaks upon children for years to come.  

Jane encourages the option of divorce mediation  where you and your partner can explore a mutually agreeable way to resolve the challenges of your separation.  You can visit Jane’s Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the voluntary process of mediation in New York and the services offered for people who are looking for a more respectful, less expensive way to achieve a fair marital settlement agreement, a legal separation or a divorce.

As a divorce mediator, Jane will remain impartial, not taking anyone’s side, nor acting as anyone’s lawyer.  The goal of divorce mediation is to allow you and your partner to find your own unique path to separation or divorce through a voluntary process that is mutually respectful and will allow both of you to move forward toward your separate lives. 

If mediation is not for you, or if your partner refuses to engage in the process, Jane can be your divorce attorney, helping you to clarify your goals and advocating your interests in and out of the courtroom.  Jane represents clients in negotiated settlements, and when needed, in New York City Family Court and state Supreme Court.  She handles most types of family law cases, including contested and uncontested divorces, prenuptial agreements, legal separations, paternity, child support, and custody cases.   She can also be retained to  enforce or modify an existing order or divorce judgment.     

Call for your free telephone consultation and see if Jane can help you.



Family Law and Mediation


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